Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Freak Show

Look, I know it's impolite and adolescent to use curse words in a blog entry, but this can only be described as, please forgive me, freaky shit.

Is there any shot more emblematic of what's really been going on ever since he was doing an executive search for GWB's running mate, and then just decided he himself was the best choice for Bush to hire for the spot on the ticket. Yes, remember, Dick Cheney nominated himself Vice President.

Here's a great still of the same shot in the New York Times, spooky, spooky stuff.

Look, the fact that he's out of hiding near the President (they are rarely photographed in the same place at the same time) may indicate fear, a need to bolster against this first real threat to their bloodletting powers. At the very least it indicates a previously unimaginable concern in response to Harry Reid's legislative display of resolve (yesterday's post).

This is the defining fight of our times. If Bush were a real CEO at a real major corporation instead of a play-president c.e.o., he'd have fired by his Board of Directors in 2004. The criminal decision to go to War in Iraq, the wanton selling of the War, the ruinously corrupted administration of the initial Post-War period, the de facto collapse of governing authority in the ensuing (and current) Civil War period, he's only credible to the reptilian part of the human brain, and only a corner of that anymore.

It's not sad, it's dangerous. The surge is a joke, death up another 15% in Baghdad. You just can't be surprised if, on April 6th as some unverified Russian military authority claimed or anytime between and now and the end of this term, Cheney/Bush declare/force war themselves on Iran or Syria -- and blatantly defies Congress to impeach them.

Well, I may not have to remind you of this anymore, but never forget that whenever George W. Bush opens his mouth, a lie comes out.

Oh, and people hate him. He's kryptonite. He can't even go to a baseball game.

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Anonymous said...

Yowzah! The NYT pic is one that will appear in history books 50 years from now, when historians try to explain how the USA went off the rails at the start of the millenium.

(Personally, I think maybe it's just that Cheney's starting to get old and tired, and he can now only project his telepathic mind control for ~ 100 yards.

Nonetheless, I *am* reminded of the old Laugh-In routines where Arte Johnson used to hide behind a potted fake palm tree.)


Anonymous said...

Sad as it is, I really did LOL - just like Arte J in old Laughins. Even kings can be dethroned - too bad this isn't a parliamentary system right now.
Devoted Reader in Delmar

slick said...

It just proves (once again) Cheney is Edgar Bergen and Bush is Charlie McCarthy. Of course, that would be insulting to wooden puppets everywhere...

Mark Netter said...

I still say impeach Bush. Make Cheney come out of the shadows -- er -- out from behind the shrubbery!

Shrubbery is one of those Monty Python words, isn't it?