Wednesday, April 04, 2007

President Pelosi

Yesterday El Presidente excoriated the Dems for taking Spring Break. Funnily enough, he went right on vacation. And even more ironic, it seems the leading Dem in the House is actually working. More effectively than he ever will.

She goes to Syria and the British soldier are released from Iran. Coincidence?

Her message to Syria is both a challenge to Assad's backing of Mideast militants and a move towards Mideast peace.

She gets criticized by the Right Wing Media for observing the local head-covering custom. Hilarious -- here's why. Oh, and c'mon, CNN!

Her visit is the a direct threat to the Cheney/Bush paranoid efforts to block any diplomatic efforts towards Syria. They criticize her for even going at all, while they secretly backed a GOP Congressional visit happening at the exact same time, a delegation that comes back turned against El Presidente! And the GOP is revealed to have committed near treason against a Democratic President over Syria just ten years ago!

Josh Marshall has it dead right when he says the Administration is up in arms because this is all really about Bush's accelerating irrelevance:

The president has been despised abroad for years. But that's not a bad thing for an American president -- at least judged in domestic political terms. Now, however, he is also wildly unpopular in his own country. And all his initiatives on the world stage are seen at home and abroad as unmitigated disasters.

In response, the president has withdrawn into a cocoon of his fantasies, ignoring most of the stuff that's actually happening in the world, most of the drivers that will be affecting our lives for years into the future...

...Pelosi's trip is an embarrassment for the president because it shows an American actually involving herself in realities on the world stage rather than stuck in denial and fantasy.

Heck, she sure looks more Presidential than he does these days.

Let's see if the rest of the GOP gets with the program and runs from Bush like from radiation. I'll bet they're getting the picture right about now.

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