Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Graphics Violence

Maybe President Obama is too much of an adult to let loose images of Osama bin Holes-in-Head on the world, which seems to be a new bloodthirsty meme, but his new benchmark success has inspired a slew of celebratory images. While they are generally crimes against Photoshop, they're pretty funny.

And our President now has his best-ever branding. After all, if our President is a hard-rocking, cool as a cucumber, super-calculating risk-taking badass, and he represents us the most in the world...doesn't that make all of us in the USA a little badass this week as well?

Here you go, America, starting with the instant classic that hit within the first couple hours after his announcement speech:

And will this most gruesome of mock-ups provide solace to the dead-head-photo-yearning crowd:

As for me, I'm kinda liking this last "man for all seasons" one:

And he's our badass.


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