Monday, May 23, 2011


President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle are doing America proud over in Dublin where they were greeted with a 100k crowd like rock stars and heroes. And why not -- Bin Laden's fish food and he's trying to bring some lasting peace to the Middle East. Drink up, have some laughs with a friendly crowd, listen to some great Irish music, what a break from the political hassles in the U.S.A.:

While back in the U.S., his GOP rivals can't field an reasonably viable Presidential candidate and are tearing themselves apart over the Ayn Randian Paul Ryan Medicare elimination plan and the Tea Party opposition to raising the debt ceiling, at least without draconian hostage budget slashes at an enormous scale. The Medicare elimination reception has been particularly gratifying, with the 55-years-and-olders not falling for the buy-off in loud town halls that are refreshing reversal of the Tea Party town halls decrying the landmark Affordable Care Act.

It's a lot more fun hearing, "Welcome home, Mr. President":

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