Friday, May 06, 2011





Mark Moran said...

How can you call a karaoke contestant #badass?

btw-Fremantle took down your video. They'd rather you tune into their crappy show and sit through the mindless repetitive commentary, ads, and recaps rather than just share the 10% of actual content.

Mark Netter said...

Thanks for the heads-up -- new video embedded.

It's only a karaoke contest when the performances are karaoke. The good performances are ones that are individualistic. After all, when The Rolling Stones cover Solomon Burke, we don't refer to that as karaoke.

Haley actually took a hit this week for singing an unreleased Lady Gaga song, told that the choice might have hurt her for not being well known already. Of course, if she has a real career, she'll be introducing songs in concert like any other decent artist.