Wednesday, May 11, 2011


The drama is on, and it's ugly. Fans are accusing the American Idol judges of being pointedly hard on Haley Reinhart week-after-week while glossing over the pitch disasters and safe choices of the other contestants with endless praise. One starts to wonder if it's actually orchestrated by the producers to get Haley's fans voting, but the Haley haters are out in force as well. At this point, it appears she's getting more sympathy for actually speaking up for herself and her song:

The show was announced as Leiber-Stoller night, but either because they couldn't find 8 of their songs for the 4 contestants, or perhaps to pander to some of the contestants, they split it into two sections that didn't fit together, the first half being songs that Inspire You. Per Branden at American Idol Net:

Can we please just pretend the first round of “American Idol’s” Top 4 performance show never happened? From the incredibly boring and lame songs to Randy Jackson’s nasty attack on Haley, I thought it was going to be the worst “Idol” I’ve ever seen.

Why does Randy seem to really have it out for Haley. She’s the only person to receive bad critiques from him for weeks.

Luckily, things got much better during round two.
Here's the stellar performance that was her second of the evening, redemption with a judges standing ovation:

What's best is the intensified skirmishes on the boards between the Haley haters and her fans. Going over the edge and back again repeatedly now:
  • Neesey

    Can Haley just go home now. I have not liked her from the beginning and with each week I am liking her less and less. Yes, she’s a good singer but her personality sux. There is nothing likable about her. She tells Randy “okay okay you said it, you don’t have to repeat yourself”, then smirks on stage, always looking to see if she is on the camera so she can put on her fake smile. Go home Haley!

    • tina

      She was smirking when Pia got sent home, all the other were crying. She thinks she is the best. Sorry Haley you are not, now go away.

      • g

        She wasn’t smirking. You go away teen.

      • Neesey

        Tina – you are so right and I completely forgot about her smirking when Pia got sent home. The judges were raving about her performance. I thought she sucked. Jordan Sparks sung that song a thousand times better!

      • tina

        Obviously your little precious Haley can do no wrong, go back and watch the elimination of Piaa nd you will see bimbo Haley SMIRKING.

      • Steve

        she wasn’t smirking, if you watch that carefully the cam just caught her between and she was crying and legit upset

      • Levente

        Pia? Is that you or your sister?

    • two cents

      I am so glad that you two have never had the misfortune of having your facial expressions misunderstood. It kills me how every year people KNOW exactly what the contestants are feeling and how arrogant they are… So my impression that Lauren is a whiny brat and Pia was a stuck up beauty queen must be right because that’s what I see on tv.

      • LKay

        Exactly. It amazes me when someone claims to know exactly what the contestants are thinking and feeling and can wrongly judge them like that. Wrong!

      • Neesey

        I never said I KNOW how Haley is feeling, etc. My impression is based on what I see on TV, and of course the editing has a lot to do with it. You can’t tell me if I am right or wrong in my impressions of Haley just like I can’t tell you that you are wrong or right in your impression of Lauren/Pia. They are only “impressions” based on how we individually perceive the person. With that being said, based on what AI shows us, based on the editing of interviews with Haley, my impression is exactly what I stated in my previous post. Everyone has a different impression of each contestant. No one is wrong or right, it’s just how we feel and everyone is entitled to their own feelings.

    • Hello?!

      Nothing likable about her? Have you seen her legs? Be reasonable!

  • JessicaW

    So everyone is giving Scotty crap about picking a song about 9/11 saying it was calculated so no one would critique it. Yet James sings a song that a drunken crowd in any bar in America could sing while wearing a Journey shirt to the former bass player of Journey wasn’t a calculated move?

  • Justin

    I don’t know why I still watch this. I feel awful for Haley. That girl just can’t catch a break. She was no worse than anybody else.

  • Sarah

    JLO and Randy will obviously find something wrong with haley’s next performance. Hopefully Steven will stick up for Haley again because I know she is going to kill it!

    • tina

      He will stick up for her, because she will be the new Mrs. Steven Tyler.

      • amie

        Tina you’re jealous

      • tina

        Hardly, why would I be jealous of a bimbo marrying a drug-out, booze out, has been rock star.

      • petra

        Tina, go buy a vibrator or lose 80 pounds and go find a man.
        Your trolling is pathetic.

  • LKay

    @Tina T.Troll – I realize you’re a tween getting off on trolling this site. But isn’t it past your bedtime? BTW, your credibility would have been improved somewhat if you actually made comments about anyone you actually liked. But no… you troll these threads and spew your troll-talk. Hahaha, you’ve had your fun. OK, hope you had time to finish your homework with all your time here. Beddy bye time now – time for all little trolls to get their rest.

  • Nycgal

    Omg their hatred of Haley is so repulsive….. Randy in particular. Wow, I have never in 10 seasons watched such shameful behaviour from the judges. It is all so orchestrated and obvious that Haley is not one of the chosen ones. But it is an insult to our intelligence to watch these fools critique only Haley while everyone else is above reproach? They r disgusting….

  • Voice of Reason

    The Haley hater have no credibility when they say she sucks. Just admit you dont like her and be done with it. If she sucked she wouldnt have made it this far. deal with it.

    • tina

      She made it this fair because of all you who think she can sing. Those of who you claim hate her, know she can not sing, she screams,growls and should have left already.

      • Voice of Reason

        Whatever helps you sleep at night.

      • tina

        Whatever help you sleep at night. Oh wait your dreaming of the bimbo haley

Probably good for ratings.

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