Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Fascist Syrian Government

Andrew Sullivan has the brutal post on the torture, genital mutilation and murder under arrest of a thirteen year-old boy by Syrian authorities, with the video of his corpse being returned to his parents. I don't even want to embed here. Too awful.

This Assad was supposedly the good-guy doctor trained in the West, not his brutal old man. Well, unless he's a puppet, he's still in charge, and he now deserves the meathook for his deeds.

On top of all the slaughter of protesting civilians, this boy, Hamza al-Khateeb, is now a cause. Stupid, evil dictators. I guess I haven't paid all that much attention due to my feelings about Syria in relation to Israel as well as its collaboration with the current Iranian regime. But these are the people speaking, Arab Spring, repressive edition.

Fascism means deputizing the most sadistic and base to strike terror into the populace. It never lasts forever, but it can be on so many lifetimes, taken.

The President of Yemen is reneging on his promise to step away as well, returning to death as his political tactic.

Hook 'em.

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