Monday, October 27, 2008

Close It Down

Do you want this man to be our next President?:

If you want Obama, take it up a notch. Close this election strong, not complacent. Visit your local Obama/Dem headquarters. Make a few calls. Convince one more friend. Put the sticker on your car.

He's not letting up -- he's still getting on the phone himself:

The opening of his closing argument:

One week.

After decades of broken politics in Washington, eight years of failed policies from George Bush, and twenty-one months of a campaign that has taken us from the rocky coast of Maine to the sunshine of California, we are one week away from change in America.

In one week, you can turn the page on policies that have put the greed and irresponsibility of Wall Street before the hard work and sacrifice of folks on Main Street.

In one week, you can choose policies that invest in our middle-class, create new jobs, and grow this economy from the bottom-up so that everyone has a chance to succeed; from the CEO to the secretary and the janitor; from the factory owner to the men and women who work on its floor.

In one week, you can put an end to the politics that would divide a nation just to win an election; that tries to pit region against region, city against town, Republican against Democrat; that asks us to fear at a time when we need hope.

In one week, at this defining moment in history, you can give this country the change we need.

Here's the close of his closing argument:

Does anyone doubt what Joe Biden says about Barack in this ad any more?:

The GOP is falling apart, with Palin political godfather Senator Ted Stevens (R-AK) now no longer legal to vote, even for his own re-election -- Guilty x 7. Telemarkers are going all Norma Brockovich, refusing to robocall filthy, lying GOP smears about Obama. And lowlifes who even fantasize about killing Obama are getting nailed by the law.

The time to strike is now.

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