Wednesday, October 08, 2008


There's that commandment prohibiting bearing false witness against your neighbor. For which John McCain, Sarah Palin and now Cindy McCain should all beg forgiveness from their deity, which would be today if they shared the same faith as me.

Happy Yom Kippur.

Joe Biden is telling them to repent. Campbell Brown is honestly exposing the racism of their tactics. The undecided voters are clearly telling them not to do it.

But they're stirring up their base. That's the "energy" Gov. Palin injects into the race, similarly corrupt Spiro Agnew-style. The base that just smashed windows at an Obama headquarters in Denver.

To paraphrase John McCain the night Obama cinched the nomination, "Now that's a Kristallnacht we can believe in!"

Think I'm exagerating? Then take a look at the base their inciting, the mob that McCain so desperately hired Palin to motivate, and leave a light on while you sleep tonight:

The McCain campaign says it has a newsmaker to surprise us with tomorrow morning. What new lie, smear or spurious guilt-by-association are they going to distract with this time? And distract they must -- the first official Alaska Troopergate report comes out on Friday. Oh, and McCain let slip that he's made us all prisoners (of his campaign, of his dirtiness, of his bucket list):

I just love the look on Palin's face when he calls us all prisoners. She's a mean, narcissistic, shallow but insatiably ambitious woman and every few days she thinks they might win the election, but the rest of the time knows she just has to make it alive to hopscotch over McCain's electoral corpse to a lucrative life on the Ultra-Right Tour and maybe a run at the GOP nomination in 2012, convictions-depending.

McCain spent the debate lying (repent!) about an overpriced "overhead projector" (remember those, Boomers?) that turns out to have been a planetarium projector, and making up a new late-inning economic ploy, lurching like both he and Hillary Clinton did to the desperation-reeking "gas tax holiday" back in the Primaries. Hey, as I remember, it didn't work for her (strategy, John, or haven't you learned the difference from tactics?) and this mortgage-buying jamboree tries to top the greased pander pole. Please give me a news cycle, please! pleads the wicked McCain, even as he scrambles his plan overnight and still manages to alienate fiscal Republicans.


So while McCain lurches from desperation rock to rock on the short road to Hades, Obama's countering with her very moving and relateable life story, like when he spoke of his mother's battle with the health insurance industry while dying of cancer, an American story.

Oh, and calling McCain out plainly as a coward for not saying his evil shit to his face Tuesday night.

Atone, McCoward. Lose with dignity. You know, put your country, not you sinning ambition, first.

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