Friday, October 24, 2008

End-of-Week Videosplurge

10 days, baby. Anyone feeling tremors yet?

There's so much now, every day:
  • Barack Obama visiting his ailing grandmother, who raised him, one last time before he sets sail. He told his aides that the visit was "non-negotiable."

  • John McCain having (this is a great story) blown his early lead in Florida by ignoring it, letting Obama come in and set up shop starting as late as June and multiplied new Dem registrations over 2004, and alienating Governor Charlie Crist who did everything possible for McCain, only to get dissed both by the Palin choice and having his seven minute video piece axed at the Republican Convention.

  • McCain advisor and Reagan's appointee to Solicitor General, Charles Fried, sending what is essentially a letter of resignation to the campaign due to his having voted for Obama/Biden.

  • McCain's communications director jumping on the bogus B-carve story for cheap, fast gain, trying to gin it up with reporters and ultimately embarrassing the campaign.

  • Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) telling Chris Matthews that Obama "has good teeth," which hearkens uncomfortably to how slaves were inspected on the trading block. Will Keith Olbermann pick up on this one?
So here's some end-of-week video to euphoriate out on, staring with the return of the "wassup" gang, blistering, funny, with a twist:

Hillary Clinton endorsing Al Franken, looking and sounding as great and professional as she has lately:

(My theory is that she really likes and clicks with Obama, and while he beat her in the race, in some sense he's treated her with more respect than her husband.)

Regular peoples endorsement videos coming from the Obama campaign, two of my favorites being a pharmacist in Missouri:

And a veteran in Ohio:

Then there's this young couple in their apartment again, this time talking about gambling:

Olbermann and Eugene Robinson on the racist blood libel by the psychotic McCain supporter, replete with perp walk:

I mistakenly predicted that Obama would choose his final statement in the final debate to close the loop with a huge callback to his 2004 DNC "One America" speech that introduced him to the country. He didn't do it at the debate, but this week the Palin/McCain campaign gave him that opportunity and (once again) walked right into his trap:

Now that we know he can deliver the wonk, it's nice to see the inspirational oratory returning to the fold.

Finally, if you ever needed one surefire way to know that voting for McCain would be a colossal mistake, just take a look at who decidered for him on Friday.


Erika said...

Goddamn great post Netter. So many great vids.

Its 3am and I'm in Vegas, the arsehose of the American Dream. The place I hate most in the world. So I needed to to be reinspired and now I thoroughly am.

Okay, gotta get my four hours in before I start knocking on Nevada's doors for Obama.

Anonymous said...

Erika, hint: Bet black!

Mo: get out the popcorn for a night at the Improv: